4 Benefits Of Sending Your Child To A Montessori Child Care Center

Posted on: 13 February 2019

If you need to go back to work or you have other responsibilities, you want to know that your child is in good hands. A Montessori child care center offers excellent care and mental stimulation for your child. Your child will be nurtured and challenged in a supportive environment while you're away. Here are four reasons you should send your child to a Montessori child care center:

1. Engage your child's creativity.

Teachers don't prepare lesson plans, and the day isn't strictly structured in a Montessori day care. The more free-flowing nature of child care centers that adhere to this philosophy are excellent for stimulating creativity in children. Your child can work on art throughout the day, if that's their passion. Montessori encourages exploration and mindfulness over results; they believe that the learning experience is the most important thing for your child. This attitude can free up your child to explore in creative new ways.

2. Build your child's confidence.

Kids engage in self-directed learning in Montessori classrooms, and the same is true of Montessori day care centers. During the day, kids can also take turns leading the group in the activity of their choice, which can help your child build confidence. Your child may discover that they're a natural leader when they're given the opportunity to shine. Montessori child care helps children grow into outspoken young adults who are comfortable expressing their needs and voicing their opinions.

3. Help your child's social skills to blossom.

Montessori child care centers don't segregate kids by age as strictly as some other day cares do. The Montessori philosophy believes that such age segregation is unnatural, since it's unlike the dynamics kids will encounter as adults in the real world. Montessori philosophy encourages cooperation and teamwork. Your child will be with children a few years older and younger than themselves, and they will learn that everyone has something valuable to teach them.

4. Allow your child to expend extra energy.

Since Montessori child care is child-directed, your child will be able to spend their time how they see fit. That means that if your child is full of excess energy and feeling wiggly, they can engage in physical play. Your child won't be forced to sit still when they want to run and move. This is healthy for kids, who often have more energy than adults. Plus, it means your child will be more able to settle down and learn if they tire themselves out first.